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Misty Day Plant Potions - Lovers Brew 25g & 60g
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So, whats in this magickal potion I hear you ask?! Well.. let me see...


Shatavari - The name of this herb translates as she of a 1000 husbands. But don't let that put you off,  (I think what got lost in translation is that a woman doesnt want 1000 partners - she just wants one good one) I think what they meant is that shatavari supports your healthy sexual appetite to be able to accomodate a thousand husbands . Which makes sense, as this beautiful herb is not only an adaptogen that naturally supports relaxation so you actually want to do it but is also thought to support healthy hormones.  Yes - give me a bucket full! 


Damiana When it is said that a herb supports a happy outlook,  it has to be a goodie, and thats what they say about damiana. It is at once stimulating and also relaxing so you are relaxed enough to forget about the stresses of the day but stimulated enough to think that a roll in the sheets might be a good idea.  Winning. 


Maca - A nutritive tonic , this radish like food is thought to support a healthy libido and provide your adrenals and body with the nutrients for optimal function. 


Rose Nothing says romance like rose - the queen of flowers and an ayurvedic love and emotional tonic to open the heart enough to let someone else in.  


Contains 12 serves. 


Shatavari,*hibiscus*, coconut milk*, rose* damiana*, maca*, cinnamon*, Himalayan seasalt, stevia*


*organic ingredients 


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please seek the guidance of your healthcare practitioner before use. 

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