Large Coconut Bowl  Spoon and Fork Set of 2

Large Coconut Bowl Spoon and Fork Set of 2

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From Nature to your home. This handcrafted Large Coconut Bowl designed to be slightly deeper than our standard size coconut bowls. Great for your Buddha bowls, and serving up larger quantities of food, smoothie bowls and Salads. 


Set includes 2x Coconut Bowls + 2x Spoon and Forks

Spoon and Fork material - Rosewood

Approx diameter :

Diameter 14cm-16cm, Height: 10CM

Due to the natural nature of this product dimensions will change slightly. 

 Care Instructions:

  • Do Not Use in Oven, Microwave or Dishwasher
  • Hand Wash with Warm Soapy Water
  • Polish with Coconut Oil (or other oil) Every 15 Uses
  • Do Not Expose to Extreme Heat


Where are our Bowls made?

Our Coconut bowls are individually handcrafted by a Balinese artisan team in Bali. We work closely with our manufacturer and make sure they are in their best quality before shipping them your way.  For every coconut bowl that you buy, you are helping to support the environment and local craftspeople of Bali.

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