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Coconut Nectar - Blonde (326g) - Purely Natural NZ
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Big Tree Farms Coconut Nectar Blonde


  • Organic & Fair Trade certified 100% pure whole coconut flower-blossom nectar

Laboratory tested 100% from coconut palm.
Coconut nectar is best used as a liquid sweetener alternative.
Agave replacement or honey alternative? Coconut nectar is the perfect healthy liquid sweetener alternative. It’s easy to use and easy to pour.


  • Raw, Organic &Handmade
  • Vegan & Gmo-free
  • No dairy, No soy, Gluten free & No refined sugar
  • Liquid coconut blossom nectar.
  • Low-glycemic (35) verified
  • High nutrient and unrefined.
  • Sustainable
  • Prebiotic

Blonde Coconut Nectar
Tastes Like strawberries, rose white honey

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