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Carlie and her family kids children purey paleo natural beach

Hi, I’m Carlie,

a mother of two young boys. Born and bred in New Zealand.

My passion for healthy and conscious living has driven me to produce a range of Eco-friendly products and healthy paleo and whole food snacks for kids and adults.

I was sick of all the junk out there, and fake labels are claiming to be healthy, natural, paleo, organic etc.… so decided to make my own. Knowing what I put into my body is essential to my family and me. So from my home to yours, you can rest assured that my products are what they say they are. No hidden nasties, organic (where possible), wholesome, paleo friendly, gluten free and fresh and tasty.

Our range of bulk nuts are organic (or spray-free) and sourced from NZ where possible. Our Coconut Chips are baked not fried, and using only the best quality Organic ingredients. There are no refined sugars added which makes them a perfect low carb snack.
We like to limit single-use plastic as much as possible, so you will also find when you receive your order it will either be in a cardboard box, or in a padded paper bag.

As an addition to the shop, I have also created a blog and recipe pages, where I share my ideas and knowledge I have learnt about paleo and healthy wholefood eating over the years. A wholefood lifestyle shouldn’t be hard or expensive, and it is my mission to inspire and show you how simple and affordable it can be.

Here’s to a happy and healthy life


Carlie. x



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