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Bulletproof Upgrade Chocolate Powder –  454g (16oz) Bag - Purely Natural NZ

Bulletproof Upgrade Chocolate Powder – 454g

Bulletproof Upgrade Chocolate Powder – 454g


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Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder is designed to be the highest quality chocolate. Where your chocolate comes from and how it’s created determines everything about how it will make you feel.

All chocolate is produced by fermentation, and it is common for chocolate to be contaminated with mold. Mold can contribute to feelings of weakness, sickness, and lethargy. For regular chocolate, the health benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder is made through an optimized process to create powdered chocolate without minimized levels of toxins, which normally make chocolate such a common source of problems.



Use Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder in smoothies, desserts, Bulletproof® Coffee, and anything else you like!

Mix Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder and Upgraded™ Cacao Butter together at very low heat to make your own Bulletproof® Chocolate bars or fudge (more Chocolate Powder makes bars, more Cacao Butter makes fudge). To create that irresistible creamy flavor, add Upgraded™ Vanilla, and if you’d like it sweet, you can add raw honey to taste.

To make delicious hot chocolate, blend Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder and Upgraded™ Cacao Butter in 1-2 cups hot water with erythritol or raw honey and grass-fed butter or ghee, or coconut cream.

To make a full-fledged Bulletproof® Mocha, mix Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder and Upgraded™ Cacao Butter into your morning cup of Bulletproof® Coffee. It adds a delectable hint of satisfying chocolate taste.


Eating a high quality source of dark chocolate, like Upgraded™ Chocolate Powder, has tons of benefits. People who eat high quality chocolate have been shown to have lower markers of inflammation than those who eat regular chocolate.

  • Amazing Superfood
  • Supports Normal Function of Vital Organs (+)
  • Superior Flavor

+These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


100% organic raw cacao powder