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Kumara Breakfast Egg Muffins

Posted by Carlie Kennedy on

    These are so easy and only require 3 ingredients. You can mix it up and add whatever you like, mine is just simple but sometimes I will add salmon or some kind of leftover meat like chicken to give it that extra added protein hit.  Great way to get a good morning breakfast hit especially for those rushed mornings when you just don't have time.   3 simple ingredients  3x small red kumara (peeled, chopped in half, and cooked) 6 large Eggs  1/4 Red Onion Salt and Pepper Optional extras: Fresh Parsley or Corriander  Paprika, Cumin or any spice mix Chopped and cooked meat (Bacon, Chicken, Beef, Lamb) Method: 1. Heat oven 200c 2. Gresse 6x tin muffin treys. 3....

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