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Kumara Breakfast Egg Muffins

    These are so easy and only require 3 ingredients. You can mix it up and add whatever you like, mine is just simple but sometimes I will add salmon or some kind of leftover meat like chicken to give it that extra added protein hit.  Great way to get a good morning breakfast hit especially for those rushed mornings when you just don't have time.   3 simple ingredients  3x small red kumara (peeled, chopped in half, and cooked) 6 large Eggs  1/4 Red Onion Salt and Pepper Optional extras: Fresh Parsley or Corriander  Paprika, Cumin or any spice mix Chopped and cooked meat (Bacon, Chicken, Beef, Lamb) Method: 1. Heat oven 200c 2. Gresse 6x tin muffin treys. 3....

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Chocolate Hazelnut Raspberry Tart

FOR THE BASE 3 cups blanched almond meal/flour ½ cup raw cacao powder (Big Tree) 2 tsp ground cinnamon ½ cup coconut oil melted (Pure Coco) 2 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup Pinch of salt FOR THE FILLING 250g Dark Chocolate, finely chopped. 1 cup coconut cream (1 full can Ayam ) ½ cup fruit-sweetened raspberry jam (St Dalfour which is sweetened with dates and is gluten and preservative free) freeze dried raspberries ( Fresh As) raw hazelnuts ,chopped and slightly toasted in the oven   the METHOD MAKE THE BASE In large bowl mix all dry ingredients. Melt coconut oil and honey. Add wet to dry ingredients and mix well to combine. Press the crust into the bottom...

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Chicken and Kumara in a Coconut!

Chicken and Kumara in a Coconut Shell. How about it! Chicken, Coconut and Kumara served in a half coconut shell! This was so easy looks cool and is delish. Ingredients:  1 Coconut shell (with or without meat) Coconut meat from 1/2 a coconut 1 Cooked chicken breast 1 Small yellow Kumara (boiled) A handful of spinach leaves Oil for cooking Salt and pepper for flavour.  Instructions: 1. Heat oil in a pan 2. Add chicken, coconut, Kumara and cook until heated through. 3. Add spinach, salt and pepper. 4. Spoon into a coconut shell and serve.   

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Easy Paleo Chia Seed and Almond Nut Bread

  This is my version of an easy Paleo nut and Chia seed bread. It toasts really nicely too. I store mine in the freezer and just have once in a while as a treat. It goes really nice with your favourite nut butter or try smashed Avocado, poached eggs and Tomato. Activating your own nuts and seeds is simple. Just soak in filtered water and some salt for 6-10 hours. (sunflower seeds only need about 4 hours)... Rinse and then you're done. Activating nuts releases the Phytic acid found in nuts and seeds, which can wreak havoc on your digestive system causing inflammation, bloating (ever felt bloated after having too many nuts this is probably the Phytic acid in them)......

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Paleo Mango Chicken Curry

Using left overs is a massive thing for me. I hate wasting food. This recipe I used leftover cooked chicken from the night before as well as left over baked cauliflower. All I had to do was basically create the curry sauce to go with. 20 minutes from pan to plate. Ingredients: 6x Cardamom pods 1 tsp Black Mustard Seeds ½ tsp Turmeric + ½ tsp ground Black Pepper (Pepper helps activate the Turmeric.) ½ tsp Cumin powder ½ tsp Coriander powder ¼ tsp Cinnamon powder ¼ tsp Smoked Paprika (or plain Paprika is fine) 2 tbsp Coconut Oil ½ tsp fresh Ginger (grated or crushed) ½ Red Chilli (or adjust to heat level, the kids ate this so ½...

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