Tips for a greener more sustainable Halloween 

Halloween is just over one week away. I will be honest I don’t particularly like Halloween, pre Children I used to hide from the trick or treaters! I found the whole thing just a pain and a money-making scheme. Which also generates a whole lot of unnecessary rubbish and spending. But as I am a mother now of 2 boys, It got me thinking? How can I make this work, one so my boys still can enjoy Halloween as their friends do, but without hurting the planet and our pockets. 

Below I have created a guide on how you can have a more greener and sustainable Halloween.



Swapsies - So you bought your child a costume last year, they wore it once and is just sitting in the dress-up box unused? Let me guess if y our kids are anything like mine they won’t want to dress the same as last year? Or have grown out of it? How about hosting a costume swap? 

DIY Costume - Search Pinterest for some great DIY tips on creating a costume. Try to use recyclable materials like cardboard, paper etc.… This year master 8-year-old wants to go as Marshmellow, so I am going to attempt to follow this DIY Video… Or the good old classic a bed-sheet ghost (think I will do this for my 4 year old). 

Tricks -  Ah ha we love this one, no no no please don’t use water balloons. How about just a good old water gun, or hose haha

Treats - Time to say goodbye to the individually plastic-wrapped treats. If you prefer to have them wrapped for hygiene reasons, go for foil-wrapped where possible. Some ideas are(Hershey kisses, Foil-wrapped hearts, Ferrero Rocher). 

Buy in bulk, one big bag of lollies vs tiny individually wrapped in my eyes is much better, at least you can put it in your soft plastics recycling and know it will go to the right place. Pour the bag in a big bowl and don’t forget the tongs!

DIY - Treats    Try our Healthy Rainbow Coconut Ice – Pop them on a toothpick so kids can easily pick them up. Or try these Erie eyeball pop recipe I might try and give these a go this year!



Try to avoid purchasing those cheap and nasty $2 shop decorations; these things never last and end up in Mother Earths Tummy (Ouch).

The Jack O’Lantern – this is a pretty standard Halloween decoration; search google or Pinterest you abound to come across a tutorial. 

 See our tasty spiced pumpkin seeds recipe. 

Spooky bed-sheet ghosts – Use some old white sheets and make some hanging ghosts. 


Here is to a happy eco-friendly Halloween. Hopefully, this has helped you in some way? Please feel free to leave a comment below and share your tips. 


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