Ketogenic Diet: What it is & can it be done on Paleo Diet?

We live in an era that emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Besides staying active and keeping a healthy sleep regimen, a healthy diet is something of great importance for anyone who wants to remain healthy.

The modern market allows us to have easy access to all sorts of foods, even the ones from distant parts of the planet. With this convenience at our disposal, it has become very easy to follow various dieting regimes constructed by specialists in the field.

The ketogenic diet is one of the many diets out there that anyone can follow. It is also known as a low carb diet or a low carb high fat diet. What makes it stand out from the crowd are all the benefits.

The main principle it is based on is inducing a ketosis, by minimizing the intake of carbs. While in this state, our body will produce ketones – energy-rich molecules created by breaking down fats in the liver. Having in mind that it is one of the most restrictive plans to follow and it still remains very popular, let’s explore the various benefits of this diet and see if it can be combined with a paleo diet regime.

It Helps You Feel Well Fed

The inevitable symptom that follows many diet plans is hunger. This remains the main reason why so many people quit their diets after some time. But, how does the ketogenic diet manage our appetite so well?

Well, it is a scientific fact that, when you focus your diet on proteins and fats, the body automatically reacts by reducing appetite levels. When we use fats instead of carbs as our main source of energy, our appetite is much lower, because fats provide much more energy than carbs. In the end, with regulated appetite levels, the intake of calories per day will be much lower.

Lowers Risk of Getting Cardiovascular Disease

The number one heart disease risk factor are fat molecules known as triglycerides. A high number of triglycerides in blood results is a certain sign of an unhealthy diet. By now, you are probably wondering: “But, how can a low carb high fat diet help me get rid of fat molecules that are in my body?” The one thing that elevates the levels of triglycerides is the consumption of carbs; to be more precise, simple sugar known as fructose. When you decide to go on the ketogenic diet, you can expect a very big drop in blood triglycerides levels.

Helps Weight Loss

The process of storing fat in our bodies follows this cycle: we eat carbs, this elevates the levels of glucose in the blood, then insulin is released, cells get the signal to store as much of available energy as possible, and one part of the glucose gets stored as glycogen and the other as fat.

The ketogenic diet keeps blood glucose levels on a minimum, thus preventing too much insulin from being released after and during meals. When there is no insulin, your body has to get energy by some other means. It starts burning its own fat, resulting in steady weight loss.

Paleo and Ketogenic Diet

As you may know, the paleo diet is very popular these days. It includes the same foods our ancestors supposedly ate – nuts, seafood, meats, vegetables and fruits. Its success relies deeply on an optimal intake of carbs, fat and proteins. As you can see, the clash of these two types of diets is in the intake of carbs.

There is some evidence that our ancestor tribes were eating a wide variety of foods that also included carbohydrates, which draws us to a conclusion that we are not evolutionarily designed to undergo the ketogenic diet during prolonged periods of time. This is why experts that prefer a paleo diet recommend a cyclic ketogenic regimen.

It is important to state that a full ketogenic diet is not recommended if you are pregnant or physically active. While, on the other hand, it is the best diet plan if you are suffering from obesity or a neurological disorder.

In the end, it all depends on you. Both of the diets are legitimate options, so you should choose the one or a combination that works best for you.

Please note, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist this information is just based on what I have studied and information I have gathered. Please see a doctor should you have any health concerns or before you decide to change your eating habits drastically.

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