How to throw an eco-friendly minimal waste kids party!

With an absolute spanner being thrown in the works this year for a lot of things, we have found that kids have been so resilient to the changes that have come with it.


Gone are the days (well for now anyway) of big parties at the likes of Lollipops as we see a shift to more kids parties happening at home.


We understand with that comes, waste! Plastic cups and plates, napkins, pinatas and the rest so we wanted to pull together a quick go-to on how to throw a waste-free birthday at home! It may not be 100% waste-free, but making small changes can impact our world in a positive way! Apart from the obvious things like using Bamboo substitutes for plates and cutlery etc our ideas below may help you think outside the box a bit more on what else you can do to show children you can still have fun while being eco-conscious!

1. Ditch the toxic paint and try clay-based face and body paint. Our clay and mineral-based face and body paint is similar to the original body paints first used by humans thousands of years ago. Not only are our paints safe, but you will nourish your skin with healthy skin conditioners such as organic, fair-trade shea butter and organic castor seed oil. They even have bamboo applicators for ease of use!

2. Have fun take-home straws! Plastic straws are out! We have known that for a while now (think of the Turtles) and there are so many great alternatives. Our personal faves that children absolutely love are our rainbow kids stainless straws. Being short they make them perfect for shorter drinks and easier to handle! A great addition to any goodie bag all whilst jazzing up the table.

3. Lastly, decorations, you shouldn't need to buy these! Grab some old sheets and cut them into bunting, paint them up to match the theme, these can also be great for decorations in your child's bedroom post-party. Table favours - incorporate these into the day and make them an activity, grab some seedlings and some pots and get the kids planting resulting in a plant they can grow at home. As for the pinata - ditch it, there are so many other things that kids can enjoy on a birthday. Click here to find out how

We know it's difficult to throw an entirely waste-free party when it comes to kids however we hope these ideas give you and your family something to work with to help us path the way for the generations after us.
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