Get Started Composting

Composting is a win-win situation. It means no smelly food waste in the general rubbish and turns your scraps into something wonderful: rich soil in which you can grow food, flowers and more. Getting started isn’t as complicated as it may seem—here’s a brief guide to what you’ll need to begin your journey.
  • A plastic bucket with a lid to keep under the sink/somewhere handy in the kitchen.
  • A purpose-made outdoor compost bin, or large bin with a lid.
That’s it! Collect food scraps (vegetable waste, baked goods, grains, coffee grounds etc—no meat or dairy) in your plastic bucket. With the lid on and tight, it won’t stink up your kitchen. Find a spot to put your outdoor bin in the garden, not too close to your house but not so far away that it’s a pain to access. Transfer your scraps from the plastic bucket to the outdoor bin regularly, layering them with grass clippings or other green waste where possible. 
The composting process can take months or years to be complete. The stuff at the bottom of the heap will become dark and crumbly like topsoil, and that’s when you know it’s ready to use. It makes a fantastic additive to any garden, so add it to yours and enjoy the benefit of this natural fertiliser! Composting is eco-friendly, cost-effective and useful—so get on board and put your food waste to work.


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