Finding and Using Recycling Centres Near You

Throwing things into your recycling bins is the best way to get rid of plastic bottles, glass, tins, paper, and other recyclable waste. While New Zealand’s recycling system is far from perfect, and many things are still destined to be thrown away rather than broken down and repurposed, it’s better than chucking your recyclables straight into the rubbish bin.


However, some things can’t be put in your usual recycling bin—and can still be recycled rather than taken to the tip or left to clutter up your garage. Community Recycling Centres, funded and set up by the Auckland Council, exist around the city to offer the opportunity to recycle as many household items as possible. It takes a little effort to find and use your closest centre, but the planet will thank you.

Find a recycling centre

To use your friendly local community recycling centre, first you’ll need to locate it. Auckland Council has placed recycling centres in Devonport, Helensville, Warkworth, Wellsford, Henderson, Waiuku, Stanmore Bay and even across the Hauraki Gulf on Great Barrier Island.

If you live near one of those spots but aren’t sure where exactly you can find your recycling centre, check out this page which lists each one and their addresses. The centres are a fantastic initiative by the Auckland Council, and they aren’t the only facilities of their kind around the country. Places like Raglan, for example, have their own recycling centres, where residents can drop off not only their household recycling but larger items. Generally, such centres have a shop attached, where items that can be salvaged are resold. One man’s trash, after all, is another man’s treasure.


What you can recycle

Recycling centres take more than just tin cans and milk bottles. They aim to reduce waste as much as possible, through recycling and repurposing any materials and items possible—including those which don’t fit into the collection bins.
On the list of accepted items are:
  • fridges
  • furniture
  • lawnmowers
  • bicycles
  • books
  • timber
  • household bric-a-brac
  • green waste and general rubbish (this is available only at specific sites).
    These things need not be taken to the dump to bulk out a landfill! If they are broken, there are often ways in which the parts and materials can be recycled, repurposed or resold. When such items are still in working condition, or close to it, they can be resold in the recycling centre shops.

    Make it a lifestyle

    Recycling is not just about making sure you toss your plastics, paper, and tins into the correct receptacle. It’s more than that—to effectively reduce your waste and your footprint, you need to apply principles of recycling to all parts of your life and habits.
    Community recycling centres are a great place to start. When getting rid of things that no longer have a place in your home, consider where they will end up. Dispose of them carefully—this might mean taking them to a centre where they can be given a new lease on life. It could mean repurposing them yourself to become garden decor, part of a new building project, or something else—be creative!
    Another aspect of this lifestyle is thinking about your purchases and where they are coming from. Rather than spending money on plastic things that will likely soon break, opt for higher quality items made from more sustainable materials where possible. Try not to buy new things, but rather score your treasures at second-hand shops—like those at the recycling centres! There are plenty of places to look for great second-hand goods, including TradeMe. You may also be able to find what you need hiding in your own house, or in your circle of family and friends.


    Saving the planet isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a constant slog. Facilities like our community recycling centres, both the Auckland Council locations and other centres around the country, make it a little easier to mindfully dispose of waste. Find out whether there is one near you, and take advantage of it as a tool in your waste reduction efforts. Purely Natural’s sustainable and eco products are another great tool, so take a look at our range of products and think about how you can use them to make your lifestyle a little more friendly to the earth.




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