An Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift List to Suit Everyone

Make your Christmas an Eco one for everyone.

Go green this Christmas and for all festive seasons to come with these eco-friendly gift ideas for shopping in New Zealand at Purely Natural NZ

Keeping Christmas sustainable is in the best interests of all of us—including Mother Nature. At the heart of the festive season are love, hope, and family. Those concepts apply to sustainability too: love and hope for the planet and future generations of family to come.

With that said, we have put together a Kiwi Christmas present guide for those wanting to be a little greener in their gift-giving. There are eco-friendly gifts for all kinds of recipients. 

For the little ones

Kids love plastic junk that quickly ends up in a landfill, there’s no denying it. However, they love other things too. You just have to be a little creative! 


  • This natural face paint kit  or earth flags kit will unleash their inner artist. 
  • These rainbow straws are fantastic for kids, brightening up their drinks.
  • How about rainbow coloured pegs to suit their crafty needs (use to peg forts, hang artwork, stationery etc…
  • Why not give an experiential gift? A trip to the zoo, beach, or even just out for a fluffy is a fantastic option for little ones.




For him

Buying a gift for a male partner, relative, or friend is often a tricky endeavour. They probably have enough “man cave” signs for the garage already—so go with something practical and sustainable.


  • Protein powder and other supplements are a great choice for a guy who likes to work out. Take a look at our planet-friendly range.
  • A refillable drink bottle is a must-have for anyone, male or female. This shiny copper bottle makes a perfect gift for a man in your life.
  • What about a Khaki Coffee Cup by Fressko
  • Men use skincare products too! Consumables like this magnesium body butter which can help with muscle aches as well as dry skin are fantastic for any gender.
  • If you can’t think of something that suits, food is always a good option and a planet-friendly one if you do it right. You could bake some biscuits and other festive treats, or cook up your own jam or pickle ( preserved in recycled jars). Homemade makes it extra special—wrap up your baking with beeswax wraps for an extra eco-friendly touch.



For her

In search of eco-friendly gifts for women? We have some ideas to suit those who like practical presents and those who like to be pampered.


  • Natural and sustainable beauty products are fantastic gifts—especially for someone who isn’t likely to treat themselves! We have some great options in our range, Rayna Facial oil is one of our favs and also have some cute little gift boxes. Make sure you consider the packaging of any products you buy to reduce waste as much as possible.
  • For the eco-enthusiast, eco-friendly accessories like reusable straws ,stylish shopping bags or handmade coconut bowls can be very well-received. Setting up for sustainability can be expensive, so practical gifts like these are perfect for the right person.
  • Again, an experience gift is an ideal option. Think about what the lady in question enjoys and get her a voucher or ticket: could be a massage, could be a manicure, could be a night at the speedway.


Top tips for everyone

Here are a few more broad tips for eco-friendly gift buying.


  • Make your own gifts bags with left over material , follow the Japanese tradition Furoshiki  where they wrap gifts in reusable material.
  • Don’t go overboard. Fewer thoughtful, carefully chosen, quality presents are always better than a lot of plastic kitsch.
  • Talk to everyone in your gift-giving circles about making an effort to go green this year. A combined effort puts everyone on the same page!
  • Recycle and upcycle! You may find that you can create presents from supplies you already own, or upcycle something to make it new.
  • If you have a specific gift in mind and would like to source it sustainably, take a look at your local op shops. It’s a good idea to think ahead and keep Christmas gifts in mind when op shopping throughout the year to increase your chances of finding the perfect item!


Christmas doesn’t need to be an extravaganza of commercialism and excess waste. Buying presents thoughtfully, with the recipient and the planet in mind, can make your celebrations even more special. Make your festive season a sustainable one with Purely Natural!


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