Benefits of Incorporating Bone Broth / Gelatin in Your Daily Diet

Gelatin is a type of protein that is derived from collagen and it is found in animal parts, and provides us with essential amino acids, which are combined to create proteins and cannot be created by the body itself using other elements. When consumed, gelatin is actually beneficial for our health, because it helps in forming strong cartilage or connective tissue, which provide our body with elasticity. In turn reducing wrinkles (Botox days be gone)!

Gelatin can be consumed in other ways than just your usual jelly dessert. Bone broth has become very popular lately, and it is a rich source of naturally occurring gelatin. This broth is often used to clear up digestive issues, food allergies, autoimmune disorders, leaky gut syndrome and more. In addition to this, other benefits of incorporating gelatin in your daily diet include the following.

Protects Joints and Lowers Joint Pain

Gelatin and collagen are known for their ability to ease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. As people age, they develop more aches, stiffness and limited mobility that only worsens over time. Gelatin and collagen help stall those chronic inflammatory responses and that reduces the pain and stops progressive diseases. Joint pain and other bone-related problems can all benefit from supplementing with gelatin.

Helps You Curb Hunger

Same as with high protein foods and other sources of protein, some studies have shown that taking gelatin supplements can help you increase satiety and control your hunger hormones. Even though it has not been proven to be a helpful weight loss tool, it is capable of increasing satiety hormones like leptin and lowering appetite hormones like ghrelin in obese adults.

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Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

There are some studies that have found that gelatin can help people who have trouble falling asleep, cannot sleep or people who have general unsatisfactory sleep patterns, if they consume three grams of gelatin before bedtime.

It improves daytime sleepiness, sleep quality, daytime cognitive functions and sleep efficacy, and it also shortens the time it takes to fall asleep. Gelatin seems to improve sleep in a different way than sleep medications or hypnotic drugs, which means you will feel less drowsiness and less side effects the following day.

Improves the Health of Your Skin

If you are worried about your skin developing wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage and other signs of aging, we have good news, consuming gelatin can improve your appearance because of its positive effects on cellular rejuvenation and skin health.

Gelatin is important for renewing skin cells and can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Consuming more gelatin is a good natural approach to skin care, because it stimulates new and non-fragmented collagen, restores the skin’s durability and helps in maintaining strong nails, hair and teeth.

We hope that these amazing effects gelatin can have on your health will persuade you to try to implement it in your daily diet. You can start with the bone broth, because this is an ideal way to obtain both gelatin and collagen, and you can also try powdered gelatin, simply because it is easier to consume.

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